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4 Board Games With Mom That Won’t Bomb: A Mother’s Day Article

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Mother’s Day is less than a week away, and falling on a Sunday (AKA Game of Thrones night) chances are, mom wants to stay in and yell at the screen louder than you. So in the case that mom wants a quiet night in, here’s 4 tried and true games that we play with our moms to share this Sunday!


Click Clack Lumberjack

A dexterity based game with the world’s second smallest plastic axe where the goal is to accumulate points based on the bark you can knock off the tree. Try not to knock the discs too hard, otherwise if the segment falls, you’ll get negative points. This game relies on how well you can control your itchy frustrated hands.

Easy to play, learn, and laugh, mom will get a kick out of something that’s not Jenga for once.

Click Clack Lumberjack - Quiche Games 


It’s nice to compete and it’s nice to cooperate and Codenames has a bit of both. In Codenames, you separate into two teams, trying to guess which agents are on your team based on hints given to you from your team’s Spymaster. The only trouble with that is that you’re only given single word clues that tie into at least two names on the board, so you have to be creative with your references. A modern, timeless word game, mom won’t have a problem with enjoying or understanding this game!

 Codenames - Quiche Games

Ticket to Ride

A game that literally takes 5 minutes to explain, with a friendly theme and colourful look, mom will love this one for its simplicity and for how competitive it can get. Your goal is to gain the most points to win by connecting train routes between cities on your secret destination cards. Sometimes there’s not enough train routes going into the one city you need, so if you get there first, that’s too bad for anyone other than you. We’ve had multiple back to back games with mom playing Ticket to Ride and it shouldn’t be any different for you!

 Ticket to Ride - Quiche Games

Knit Wit

Remember Scattergories? You’re probably a little tired of it by now, so Knit Wit should be what’s next up for you if that’s the case! With no two games ever being the same, you get to dictate what kind of categories will be asked. Following the knitting theme, each player gets a piece of yarn and a spool. One by one, players will place their yarn with an attribute (i.e. slow, light, intangible, yellow etc.) around a numbered spool. Once you’re done, you’ll have to name words, places and people that match the attributes. The tricky part is when more than two attributes overlap one another and getting to name something that doesn’t match another player (just like in Scattergories!).

 Knit Wit - Quiche Games

Whatever it is you do for Mother’s Day, we hope you guys enjoy your day and hope we may have helped pick out something new you guys can enjoy!

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