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Fun Group Games for Canada Day

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With the holiday tomorrow, the day off gives everyone a chance to spend some time together—and hopefully play a game or two! Here’s our personal Quiche Games playlist for Canada Day!


Game of Thrones: The Board Game (Find it on Quiche Games!)

For any fans of the show, you’ll know that Game of Thrones is all about the political, social game of deceit, backstabbing and ruthlessness. And honestly, you’ll get that exact feel in the board game. One of the most thematic and well-licensed games I’ve ever played, you’re sure to find yourself immersed in its universe.

Sharing many similarities in idea to games like Risk and Small World where you have to control and invade territories in order to win, Game of Thrones takes that idea and amplifies it a hundredfold. Not only do you have to be cunning and brutal to overtake lands belonging to other people, but you also have the privilege of experiencing backstabbery firsthand. One of the central ideas in the game are alliances you make with one another. Do Baratheons ally themselves with Starks or do the Lannisters ally with the Greyjoys? Your actual words to one another shape the game just as much as the actual game pieces do.

You can offer support to an “ally” who is about to invade an enemy territory and combine your forces with theirs, or help defend them when attacked. HOWEVER, don’t be fooled by Little Finger’s sweet talk when you hear what you want to hear from your friend. Although a player can SAY they’ll help you, that doesn’t necessarily bind them in any way to help you at all. Maybe last minute, they’ll decide to just watch you fall and retreat and use that opportunity to split your forces so they can finally grab hold of King’s Landing. Or maybe Wildings will attack all of Westeros and you promise to offer aid, but instead offer nothing when all the other players had to sacrifice their resources against the crisis. Yup, don’t be surprised if you get into a fight with your friends. It’s happened before. Not to me personally. But you know, you hear things.

A perfect game for a group, I wholly recommend Game of Thrones if you’re playing with at least four player (six players is honestly the sweet spot though).


Coup – With Reformation Expansion (Find Coup and its expansion, Coup: Reformation on Quiche Games!)

We always mention Coup when it comes to game nights because it really is a marvellous card game. With the new Reformation expansion, player count is now up to 10 and adds in the brilliant mechanic of putting everyone in teams. With teams, you can only target people NOT on your team against your coups and assassinations. The only exception being, is if everyone is on the same team, then feel free to go wild. But honestly, the game evolves into a whole other level once everyone starts switching their sides. You get a little bit more manipulative in terms of who gets to be the target of everyone else. Be prepared to spend at least 4-6 sessions of this game as it plays quickly and with a great number of people.


Dead of Winter (Find it on Quiche Games!)

One of the biggest games released, reaching critical and commercial acclaim, rising to one of the top board games rated on Board Game Geek, is Dead of Winter. Playing as a group of survivors trying to get by in various scenarios, you not only have the game to defend yourself against, but also each other in some cases. A betrayal game like Battlestar Galactica or Betrayal: House on the Hill, you can almost be sure that one of the players next to you is trying to thwart the efforts of the collective group. With everyone having their own personal agenda and requirements to win the game for themselves, someone given a traitor objective will purposely try to ruin the overarching main objective and sometimes end the game early.

You’re given a small group of survivors to control, that can grow as you find new survivors to join the colony, trying to find supplies such as medicine or weapons to either keep yourself alive, contribute to crises that arise or altogether try to progress the main objective. However, looking for supplies that will benefit the group as a whole is risky. Leaving the (somewhat) safety of the colony exposes you to not only the cold, in fear of getting frostbitten, but also the zombies that surround the locations and your stronghold. Be careful because there’s a chance you could get bit yourself! Get bitten and your survivor dies and can spread the bite to anyone sharing that location with you. Dead of Winter is truly a game of a lot of risk, chance and boldness.

What is probably the most appealing aspects of Dead of Winter are its Crossroads cards. Every time it is your turn, the player next to you will draw a Crossroad Card, and what this card is, is a narrative element of the game where if you trigger whatever the requirement is on the card (i.e. having a character in a certain location or doing a certain action) you’ll trigger an event. The card will be read aloud and sometimes contain an ultimatum given to the group or just the one survivor that will affect the game itself. Do you try to find a missing girl so you can boost morale or just ignore it altogether, wagering the risk too costly? Dead of Winter certainly is a game centered around a lot of choices and interactions with one another. We at Quiche Games, have been having a blast playing it since its release!


So whether you’re staying in or having a blast in the sun, we hope you end up enjoying the holiday however you choose to spend it. Have a very happy Canada Day from Quiche Games!

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