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Canada Post Service Disruption

Posted by Quiche Games on

Hey everyone!

As some of you may know, Canada Post has a very strong possibility of stopping operations as early as July 2, 2016 due to being unable to reach agreement on labour negotiations and may go on strike as a result. 

As we use Canada Post to send out all orders made through us, we have prepared a contingency plan in the case of this event. Please note the following changes:

1. We will be fulfilling orders via another shipping company, dependent on box sizing, weight and destination

2. Please provide us an additional 24 hours to fulfill orders (we normally fulfill orders within 24-48 hours and want you prepared in case of delays)

3. U.S. orders will fulfill as normal and WILL NOT be affected by this service disruption

4. Due to increased shipping costs compared to Canada Post, our free shipping threshold will increase to $150cad from $100cad, starting on June 28th, 2016 until normal Canada Post operations have resumed. Orders under $150 before taxes, will still cost $10+tax to ship throughout Canada. 

5. We will stop shipping orders via Canada Post starting on June 28th, 2016 and will ship all orders from over the weekend on the 27th so that they may hopefully arrive in time before the service disruption.

6. If you have an outstanding order that is pending to ship and you'd like to avoid risk of your order being disrupted, please contact us immediately to make alternate arrangements. 


 Free Personal Hand Delivery Resumes!

We understand that Canada Day and the long weekend is approaching and during this time, it's important to have your games and new releases prepared for this time. So we have decided that while Canada Post service is disrupted, we will temporarily be providing our hand delivery service once again to the Mississauga and Toronto areas outlined in the map above. 

This service is FREE and has no minimum or maximum order amount and includes us driving straight to your door to personally deliver your orders to you. This shipping option will once again be available to select under your shipping options starting today, June 27th. Please indicate in the note field of your order, or email us directly at support@quichegames.com to arrange a mutual time for this delivery.  

Alternatively, mutually convenient meet up locations can be provided for as well, if you are outside of our delivery areas.


We know the frustration this might cause, so we've researched and considered the best options that will help make this situation as manageable and as less problematic as possible for you. 

As usual, if there's any questions, you can personally email me atcaryl@quichegames.com and I'll be happy to discuss any issues or concerns.

Thanks and have a great long weekend, everyone!
- Caryl

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