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Throwback Thursday: What Games Got Us Into The Hobby?

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We come from a huge video game background, enjoying anything from Metroid to Ico to Call of Duty. In old fart fashion voice, I remember when couch co-op or competitive games were the best—inviting friends over for a Smash Bros. tournament or competing in an offline deathmatch of Halo. When Call of Duty Black Ops came out with ZOMBIES, I knew I had to get some friends over to play it. Yeah, that failed. Why? 1. unexperienced players couldn’t get used to the dual analogs 2. first person motion sickness 3. womp womp not enough controllers

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It bites.

Just not enough games could even be played offline for co-op. Nooo, you need an online connection, same platform, game bought twice (or more!), not to mention a very, very, decent internet connection.

I was looking up news on Game Informer one day, just procrastinating AS USUAL(!) when I came across their article about their top board games of that year. Board games? Like Monopoly? I’ve tried those boardgames at ZELLERS and K*Mart (those still exist right?) with very cool looking boxarts that weren’t very good games…I mean, I’ve played Phase 10 or Dutch Blitz before. I’ve had my family bring those games over for gatherings and that was fun. Ok, let’s take a look at this Game Informer article. Ohhhh what’s this? Zombicide??? Uh oh. Wow huge kickstarter campaign! People seem to like it. This looks fun. Let’s buy it! SOLD OUT!? I call around and manage to find the LAST ONE at my FLGS. $90 was a steep price for a gamble on a game I was basically smitten with the idea and look of. But eh, I was desperate to get my zombie fix (especially with a useless $60 copy of black ops sitting at home).

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Oh my god. I’m in trouble.

Open the game up, looks amazing. I get the tingly feeling when I open up something new. Read the rules, ok seems straight forward. Open up the first mission, ok that was kinda fun. Second mission, I’m liking it, I’m liking it. Third mission, I HAVE TO GO TO BED, WE HAVE WORK TOMORROW—NO WE HAVE TO KEEP GOING. OK, OK, DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING. LEAVE THE GAME ON THE TABLE AND WE’LL FINISH THIS TOMORROW.

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What a thrill! Finally found a game I can introduce to people without being worried about experience discrepancies. Here’s your character, what do you wanna do? Ok, roll. BOOM. Two zombies down. Easy.

It helped a ton that Zombicide was basically a straight translation from a video game onto a board game. So straight forward and has a great way of building up tension (bring on the horde!). And getting hooked on Zombicide really was just the beginning.

Fast forward to today: I think I have a board game spending problem…

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