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Boxing Day FAQ

Q. What kind of sales will you have on boxing day?

For boxing day, we will be discounting our entire store by 10%. This includes board games, board game card sleeves, playmats, pre-orders and gift cards.

Q. What time does the sale start? And for how long?

Our sale starts at 12:00am PST and will end at 11:59pm PST on December 26th, 2015.

Q. Will I have access to viewing the store before the sale starts?

At 2pm PST on December 25th, we will be "closing" the store from viewing inventory so that we can update inventory, pricing etc. in preparation of our sale. Our site will resume its normal operation once our sale starts at 12am PST on December 26th, 2015.

Q. Will I get still get free shipping if I purchase a game and a gift card to total over $100?

Unfortunately, gift card values do not count toward our free shipping threshold. In order to have your items qualify for our free shipping, your order will need to comprise of $100 (before taxes) worth of physical, in hand products.

Q. So my order will not ship free if my order is mixed with pre-orders?

Generally, orders don’t ship until the entirety of its products are in stock. However, if your order contains in stock physical product that does meet our free shipping threshold, we will ship that portion of your order and keep your pre-order open until it arrives in stock, in which case, we will contact you to discuss how it will be shipped (i.e. if additional items need to be purchased to its order to qualify for free shipping again)

Q. How will purchasing discounted gift cards work? Will I get a physical gift card mailed to me?

The format of the gift cards we will have available for purchase on boxing day will be in the form of an e-certificate that will be emailed to you. So please ensure that the email you provide in your account when signing up/checking out is correct and accurate.

Q. Will I be able to use my discounted gift card right away?

In order to avoid "stacking", all gift card purchases will have your e-certificate code emailed to you AFTER our boxing day sale. If you purchase a gift card during our sale and did not receive an email containing your code by Dec 28th, 2015, please email us at support@quichegames.com

Q. Do I have to use my gift card by a certain date?

All gift card codes have no expiration date and can be used on any order AFTER its issuing date. It cannot be used toward past purchases.

Q. What happens if a game I’m looking for is out of stock due to the sale? Will you open backorders?

If we are sold out of any particular product you are looking for, feel free to purchase one of our gift cards to still take advantage of our sale. We will unfortunately not open backorders due to the unpredictability of print runs and restock time frames. When a product is sold out, you can sign up via email to be notified on its product page and we’ll send an email to you as soon as it’s back in stock!

Q. What happens if I already have an existing pre-order that was made before the boxing day sale?

If you still have an outstanding order containing any pre-orders that have not arrived yet, we will be refunding to you 10% off of that pre-order price. However, if the order is past our 30 day allotment to provide refunds, this 10% will be provided to you in the form of store credit.

Q. Will you do any hand deliveries for boxing day orders?

Due to the holidays, we will not be fulfilling any pick up/drop off requests from Dec 24th, 2015 to January 3, 2016. We will resume service on January 4th, 2016, but please be patient with our scheduling as we expect a high volume of requests once we resume our service. We will contact you via email once we have begun our scheduling process.

Q. Will you be offering any price matching on boxing day sales?

Unfortunately due to the time it takes to respond to price matching requests and verifying pricing, competitor inventory etc. we will NOT be doing any price matching during boxing day.

Q. If I hold my order before December 26th, 2015, will I get the 10% off?

The answer is no. In order to be fair, any reserved items before the 26th can't be discounted for our boxing day sale.