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Hey guys!

As some of you might already know, we've moved onto focusing on the community aspect of the board game hobby and run weekly game nights and a full day event every month dedicated to teaching and playing board games together in Downtown Toronto!

If you'd like to join us, here's the overview of what we're about:

Game Night


To attend, the cost is $5, cash at the door to attend with access for the whole night or whole day (on Saturdays). Feel free to bring outside drink and food and come and go when you need to.

We rent a private space just so we can have the frequency and flexibility to run them, and keep the events running on days that work for everyone to make it out to. 

Full disclosure: 100% of all proceeds of the $5 drop in goes entirely to the renting of the space, snacks we provide at the events, and for contributing to purchasing new games so we can bring the latest and greatest, play them, and teach them to our community. 

Game Library

We bring our own game library to play and share to just grab a game and start playing it. We generally bring a mix of games for all kinds of audiences. Drawing games, party games, word games, area control games, euro games, light, mid and heavy weights will be available in a variety of different games. Our game selection will be different every week just to spice things up!

Other community members will sometimes bring their own games as well. In all cases, please treat the games at our events with respect and care.

Who Can Attend?

Anyone! We don't care if all you've ever played was Monopoly of Jenga, we'll always be happy to teach or even play a game with you. Seriously, don't worry if you're shy or if it's your first time attending a game meetup, we hate seeing people left out, so be prepared to be pulled into the gaming fun!

General Code of Conduct

We follow one simple rule: don't be an asshole. We are an inclusive community with a diverse group of people. We want everyone who attends to feel safe from harassment and judgement. 

Now, we are a gaming group so we can totally understand competitiveness but please keep the spirit of this to a friendly kind of competitiveness. Do not be rude to your fellow gamers. We won't tolerate extreme unsportsmanlike behaviour. The goal of our nights is to just simply have fun.

You can and will be removed for not being a positive member of the community. Warnings may be given first depending on the severity of the case.

Where to Find Us

We post all of our upcoming events on both Meetup and Facebook where you can enter our discussions for snacks, games we're bringing, and see who else is attending!

In general, we run our events every Friday night from 6:30pm - 12:00am at 401 Richmond St W, unit LL01 and for one Saturday of the month from 1:00pm - 12:00am. All upcoming events, dates and their times will be posted on Meetup and Facebook with enough headsup to plan your schedules. 

We hope to see you at our game nights! Happy gaming!