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Introduction to Modern Board Games

If you're like me, your first experience with board games was playing Monopoly, Scrabble, Jenga, or maybe Clue with your parents once in a while. Now - there are entire branches of games that all came out of those, and other, games. 

If you just want to see some games head over to the Modern Classics. Otherwise, we'll provide a brief overview of a few of the most popular genre's and a few games that you should try out to get familiar!

There's so much more than is covered below, if you'd like specific suggestions we'd love to hear from you

Deck Building Games

Dominion first made this genre popular and continues to produce expansions. (Note: They recently released an update to their original game) In these types of games, you start with a set of cards and as the game progresses you obtain more cards. You have to balance your deck with cards that cards that produce resources to buy more cards, cards that have powerful actions, and cards that give you points towards winning the game. These games have a ton of replayability because each game has different cards available meaning there are countless ways to play the same game., check out Star Realms, or if you want a fun but more complicated one Mage Knight.

Bluffing games

In these games you often are randomly given a character to be during the game that you know and the other players don't, and there is a goal. The other characters have the same or a conflicting goal. There are tons of laughs and interactivity as you try to figure out who is on your team, who is the enemy, and how you can achieve your goal before the opposing team can. CoupThe Resistance: Avalon, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf are some of the bigger names in the category. 


These games are often characterized over some sort of competition over resources, and where all the players are involved until the game ends. They also are known for having few random elements in their game, to try to make sure that skill dictates the winner(s) more often than not. You'll definitely recognize the most iconic game. Settlers of Catan brought modern board games into the picture for a lot of people. It's still a classic and still worth playing, especially if you haven't. The exctiing thing is, there are so many games out there that have vastly improved on this style. Some other classics in the genre are Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, and Agricola

Co-operative Games

Pandemic set the stage for co-operative games. It wasn't the first, but it definitely is one of the most known. In co-operative games you work together to a common goal, with the rules of the game being your obstacle. These games involve strategy and sharing ideas. They're great to include someone who isn't as keen about board games, as the other players are willing to help them out since everyone is on the same team. 

Hanabi is a Quiche favourite. It's like a group game of Solitaire, only you can't see your own cards. In Hanabi you give clues to your partners to figure out which cards to play, but the trick is you are limited in clues. It's very simple conceptually but takes many games to learn how to play with the group, which leads to a 'meta' game inside the game. 

Bonus: How about co-operative deck building games? Check out Harry Potter or Legendary: A Marvel Deckbuilding Game